Scandinavian Haiku/Books






Helga Härle: the ball keeps rolling / bollen rullar vidare/ de bal rolt verder. ’t schrijverke, ’s-Hertogenbosch 2011.
ISBN 978-94-90607-05-3

46 poems in three versions: Swedish/English/Dutch.



Snowdrops: Eleven Swedish haiku poets
(Bokverket, 2010) 

This volume, featuring 11 of the best-known haiku poets in Sweden, is the first anthology of haiku to appear in both Swedish and English. Each poet is represented by 10 poems concerned with Swedish life: August crayfish parties and snowflakes, bright summer skies and endless nights. With a foreword by Kaj Falkman, President of the Swedish Haiku Society.
ISBN: 978-91-86413-00-2
Pages: 80